Calm the nervous system and cultivate peace of body and mind with Nurturing Peace Meditation. The gentle guided meditation sessions encourage the release of tension and stress, so you can appreciate and enjoy a restful state of being.

Everyone welcome, very helpful for those who are needing self-care and de-stressing, to improve their health and well-being.

Let go of what has passed

Let go of what may come

Let go of what is happening now

Don’t try and figure anything out

Don’t try make anything happen,

Relax right now and rest  – Tilopa

A qualified meditation teacher (Advanced Diploma of Guiding and Teaching Meditation , from the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies), an avid reader, arts librarian, parent, and spiritual seeker, I have been practising mindful movement and meditation consistently for over 15 years.


There is a barrage of scientific evidence ascertaining how Meditation is beneficial for your health and wellbeing.  Buddhist and yogic principles influence my daily home meditation practice and guided meditation classes.  These practices are supportive, gentle and entice feelings of peace and relaxation.

NurturingPeaceMeditation offers guided meditation practices and skills that I have found beneficial in my navigating my life’s journey.  This includes mindful meditation, breath awareness, loving kindness meditation, visualisation,  moving meditation, mantra, chakra and journaling. All these practices are valuable and helpful for integrating and cultivating inner peace into our demanding lives.

I look forward to hearing from you :